About Me


Maribel Barcena Lopez is a Mexican American photographer and visual artist born, raised and based in Los Angeles, CA.  

Artist Statement

I come from a place of constant duality: two cultures, two languages, two perspectives, two lives. My entire life I have traveled back and forth between two places. I am moved by feeling, memories, thoughts and constant questioning. This collection of work is the beginning; the foundation of being able to not just understand who I am and where I come from, but also how to produce work that reflects, communicates and transforms.

The majority of the work that is presented here reflects a kind of poeticism, the images in many ways visually represent certain things that I cannot express through spoken language. I am a constant observer, of all things; these images are moments, sometimes created sometimes found and sometimes felt.  The work eludes a certain kind of mood and tone. Color is used sparingly and is often de-saturated, this is choice I make because I feel certain pallets help to guide views through the work with the intention I set forth. The people in my images are just that, people; natural, imperfect, diverse. I chose to photograph people who I have some kind of connection with or I am looking to connect with. While challenging at times, specifically choosing working with non models further supports my vision as an artist at this point in time. I attempt to go further and leave behind the literalness of the stories I am telling. I search for roots, deeper connections; parts that are not often seen or acknowledged.

This collection of work is just the beginning; I am only just starting an artistic journey in which I will continue to create intuitively as well as thoughtfully, while being open to transformation and growth.


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